Moving North

This may seem strange, but at 40, and having lived all my life* in the UK, I’ve never lived north of the Thames river.  Sure I’ve BEEN north of the Thames, but I’ve never lived above it.  I once flat-sat in Wilesden Green** for a couple of weeks, and I’ve been camping in the Lake … More Moving North

Reality bites

The time is nigh.  The End is near. The after party is over and it’s time to start work! After a year away and 19 months off work, and having been back in the UK for a month, I now have two firm job offers to choose from or a choice to wait round for … More Reality bites

Bolivia – a sunny island, Death Road, zip lining and monkeys.

Copacabana and Isle del Sol Having roused ourselves from slumber early enough to catch the boats, we set out for the spiritual home of the Incas. Don’t ask me why it is, we never found out, but it was something to do with the sun rising from the lake or island. Sometimes not speaking Spanish … More Bolivia – a sunny island, Death Road, zip lining and monkeys.

Hauraz – Peru

Hauraz is high in the Andes in the centre or Peru and I convinced Kate to go there to do some mountain trekking. Nothing too hard core, just a few high Altitude (4000m+) non strenuous walks. And I am so glad we did as it was absolutely beautiful.   I like hiking. I like it … More Hauraz – Peru


We interrupt your normal travel updates to bring you some other ramblings.   As the title may suggest, this post is about running.   So, I once loved running. And I tell myself I still do though I never used to. Until the age of 36 I had never run a 10k. I then did … More Running.