Missing dad but so thankful

10 years ago today my dad passed away. I was abroad at the time much like I am today and much like today, I felt totally helpless for not being there to comfort my mother.


Luckily the internet is much more established today than it was back in 2004 so emails, skype calls and sharing photos have made it much easier to connect with my family today, albeit the internet in Bolivia has some way to go before I’d call it good!


My brother sent me a picture of a glass of rum (the Law family drink) which brought a tear to my eye, not just for his continuing to celebrate/commiserate this event how dad would have appreciated it most, but because I can’t be there to have one with him. Be sure of one thing though, as I write this, I am myself partaking of a sip or two of this fine beverage.


But I am thankful for more than just the internet. My dad’s passing away triggered in me desire to do stuff. Stop putting things off. Go out and explore. Life is short and you just don’t know how long you have left and in that vein I have had a blinding 10 years.


And here is to the next 10!


Dad, I love you, miss you, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for everthing you gave me.


That includes my love of Star Trek.




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