Reality bites

The time is nigh.  The End is near. The after party is over and it’s time to start work!

After a year away and 19 months off work, and having been back in the UK for a month, I now have two firm job offers to choose from or a choice to wait round for a 2nd interview for a third company. 

The problem is I am struggling to decide! Both jobs offers are great opportunities with great companies.  Both are young companies, one very much still a fresh start-up, and both will be challenging roles and (though different) are in industries I am passionate about.  Call Centres or Couriers. Customer Service or Parcels.  Office or Warehouse. 

The parcels come with the opportunity travel overseas in the future but in the short term sees me moving north to an area where friends are far away whilst the call centre offers a location that puts me in the same city as a best friend (who I could stay with!) but is very much a UK (at the moment) role.  The parcel company is more financially secure and established, the call centre company is cash tight (being a younger start up). The Call centre is much more social, the parcel company more remote. 

I came back from travelling only really wanting the call centre (as we had been in discussions about the role since before I left), but that was because I was unaware of the opportunities with parcels.  That said, before I went away I decided I’d prefer not to live in London any more and that somewhere north would be good – which parcels gives me.  

And the third option: Second interview with a major global company based in Richmond, London.  Well, I’ve actually already withdrawn myself from the running as it would only add more confusion! That and I am totally skint and cant wait around for the goliath to follow its HR procedures and start round 2 interviews.

The major unknown here is +Kate Fairchild! She is still off travelling (lucky bugger) so its kinda hard to decide where is best to live when I only have a my perspective to go on.  Where will she work? (because, lets face it, she is the bread winner). What area would she prefer? What kind house should I look at renting!  Whilst we have talked about it through the wonder of Skype, Whatsapp and email, she just isn’t in the ‘set up home’ mindset – which is so totally understandable! Life is still a beach.

A great bonus in this regard with both roles is that the initial 3-4 months is project work with the option of relocating afterwards, so I suppose regardless which I choose I’m safe that if I(we) don’t like it we can up and move.

However, all things considered, I’d really rather not have to work at all.

Any helpful* insights welcome – otherwise I shall let you know what I choose soon.

+Dave Woodgate: this pretty much counts you out of commenting.



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