12 fantastic months!

Hello! Welcome! And sorry!

I’m so behind on my blog now its daunting!*

Its April and having been away for a whole year I’m back in Europe and after a brief two day stop in the UK I’m now visiting JJ and Sara who now live in Fuengirola, Spain.

I started my trip 12 months ago visiting them in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and since then I’ve been on an amazing trip through the Americas and New Zealand. It felt only right that in returning home I come a visit then again to complete the trip.

Since my last blog I still have to write about Southern Bolivia, Northern Argentina, a week in Chile and two fantastic months in New Zealand; but all that can wait a little longer.

Today I’m going to write a little about me; what I have discovered and how I feel. Don’t worry – its not going yo be too deep!

First and foremost I feel FANTASTIC. Younger if that’s possible. I wouldn’t say that I was particularly stressed before my trip but any worries I did have have melted away. I’m relaxed. Content. Happy. Its a good feeling.

Secondly I’m feeling very loved. For all my faults Kate continues to love me (and I her!), even if she is on the other side of the world and continues her own adventure without me for a while longer. One day, perhaps, after she comes home, she’ll agree to marry me**. Maybe..

Kate; I love you!

So right now, things are good. There was no epiphany on this trip; I didn’t discover any deep hidden secret desires, passions or inspirations whilst travelling and neither did I win the lottery, so its now back to reality and work for me. However, there were a few lessons learnt and goals set which I hope to live by; simple things.


1. Eat better, live healthier, be more active.

2. Apologise more.

3. Communicate better. (Very much related to 2)

4. Be more patient. (Never a strong point of mine).


Like a said, simple things. Let’s see how I get on. My advice to everyone; if you ever get the chance to take an extended holiday from work or go travelling, take it. Its a fantastic experience to let go (albeit temporarily) from life’s pressures and worries.

Even if you can’t get away; live better. You only have one life so make sure your doing the things you want to do. Live well.

Be nice. A simple word of kindness, or even a smile, can make someone’s day and will make you feel better to. Don’t be grumpy or unhappy or if you are; change your life. Its never too late to start again.

And talking of starting again: that’s exactly what I am going to do. New job, new home, new life***.

Are you going to be part of it? 😀


Happy me 🙂


Romantic moment



* but I will catch up soon!

** just one small, tiny condition applies.

*** and hopefully some new clothes.


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