Heading to the States

So this week I’m off to Cincinnati in Kentucky to visit a warehouse in preparation for setting up a similar operation in Derbyshire.

I’ve never been to Kentucky before but alas I don’t think I’ll have much time to see the sights or reveal in its glory.  I’m there for only three days and they are going to be busy, but its always nice to do a little travelling for work and getting to experience new working environments.  It sucks to do too much of it, but just a little is nice 🙂

If you know some Cincinnati highlights feel free to share those with me.

Right now I’m packing my bags (mentally) whilst watching the French Open which right now is heading towards the end of the 4th (and possibly last) set and reading a few work emails to keep me up-to-date as I lose two days to travelling this week.

Next I think will be a couple of beers, and then the actual packing.

Next weekend its the London to Brighton bike ride – as long as its not raining I’ll be doing it!  I’ll let you how it goes (if it goes!).

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