Board Games.

I find it hard to write this post which is very odd considering how much I love the content, but there in lays the rub.  I want to do this subject proud yet at the same time keep it short and punchy as long posts bore me (and you I imagine, whoever you are).


So lets start with a synopsis so you can bow out early; I fricking love boardgames. Specifically Euro board games which is a geeky way of saying I’m not talking about Monopoly, Cluedo, Chess or Backgammon*.

I’m talking long fun, strategic games.  I’m taling short and punch card games.  2 players or 7 players, the more the merrier.  Its not about winning, nor losing, nor even making sure the obvious winner doesn’t win**, its about having fun with your friends.  Some people like to do that watching sport, others in the pub, others over a meal***.  For me though, its board games. And booze. And food. But mostly the games.

And there are SO MANY good games available you can easily choose one right for the crowd.  There are 3hr+ strategy games, 60 minute fun games, short and fun ‘light brain power’ games to fill gaps or end a (drunken) night on.  There are some beautifully designed games which in themselves are nice to play,  There are fun laugh out loud funny ones that don’t really have winners or losers or ends! There are games wrapped around themes and franchises which can add to the fun and there are games which you never EVER**** win at but that doesn’t stop them being fun.

They are, just simply, a fantastic way to spend a few hours in the company of friends.

This is my little collection that doesn’t get near enough table time.



If you fancy a game,  let me know 😉



*though I do also like chess and love backgammon.

** though I do find this appealing in many games; just because I cant win doesn’t mean I cant effect who does!

*** I like two out of three of these too!

**** Puerto Rico, A Feast for Odin, Agricola to name a few!


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