Broken Promises

So I promised myself that I wouldn’t buy any new board games this year.  Partly because I’m broke, partly because I already have loads of games I love that don’t play enough, and partly (and most sadly) because when I say “I don’t play enough” I actually mean that I hardly play games games at … More Broken Promises

Board Games.

I find it hard to write this post which is very odd considering how much I love the content, but there in lays the rub.  I want to do this subject proud yet at the same time keep it short and punchy as long posts bore me (and you I imagine, whoever you are).   … More Board Games.


Time is a constant.  But my god how it sometimes just disappears.  It can fly by when you are busy or having fun, it can drag when are unhappy or bored, and sometimes it can simply vanish.  That’s not to say nothing has happened, however I have no idea quite where 2017 went. And we’re … More 2018.