Drifting along the river of life..

Where have all the rapids gone?  Did I leave them in the past and from now on it’s all just plain sailing?  I bloody hope not 😉

Some days I feel that life is passing by just a little too smoothly and much to fast.  For all the goods stuff that happens and fact that for the most part I’m doing only the things I enjoy – there is a small part of me that want to just say ‘fuck it’ and do something else.  Don’t get awkward and ask me what! And yes, I know that shortly after I start doing it I’ll just want to stop – but don’t we all feel like that occasionally?  Isn’t it healthy to do that? A break from the norm. A little release from reality.

I love living a less stressful life in the country.  I love the peace and quiet, the tranquility and calm and the restfulness of days with no demands.

But occasionally I want to cast it aside.  Recapture something I lost, or is it I want to lose something I have? Lose a day in the pub like I used to before I grew up and got sensible.

I think we all sometimes wish to be carefree and single without any responsibilities and I think that’s okay.

It helps you appreciate what you have all the more.



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