Making a choice

Sometimes, as much as you really want something, you choose to do something else.  It’s life.  You don’t always get to do what you want, when you want.

I’m on the edge of one of these decisions now.  Do I gamble on doing what I want to do, or play it safe (for now) and take the easier option…

On one hand to commit myself to something that, whether it pans out or not, will have consequences for years to come.  On the other is carry on with the status quo – do what I’ve always done.

I came back from travelling wanting a care-free, risk-free, easy life.  I wanted to work less, have less responsibility, relax more, breathe easier.

Now I am thinking I might well achieve that by throwing myself into something that in the short/medium term will be the opposite.

Faced with such a choice I find myself poised on the edge of the cliff, unsure whether to jump or not…




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