The Skipton Triathlon Sprint

Newsflash! Man completes his second triathlon – with nearly zero training.  And pays the price!

At the beginning of April I travelled to Skipton to meet up with JJ, Sara and Belinda to tackle the Skipton Triathlon (sprint distance).  We signed up to this last year and I for one had the idea to do some training for the event to try and beat the timings of my first triathlon which I did in 2016.

Of course I did nearly none.  I did a little swimming (although front crawl still eludes me), and I did a few 5k runs, and I even did a (one) 20k ride.  Never more than one discipline on a day, and never more than the distance required on the day.  So all in all, pretty underwhelming training.

However, the day was beautiful and so I couldn’t help but throw myself at it. Too quickly.  Too early.  To eager.  Oh how I paid the price by the time it got around to the run!  It felt like I was running through treacle by the end.

Unfortunately the distances were not the same for the two triathlons (it seems these things are not set in stone and vary from course to course) and the transition between the bike staging area and the swim/bike/run start points was also much farther at Skipton that they were at Arundel, however I can compare overall pace for the three events and I am happy to say that they are fairly close! I was faster on my first tri, but I had done a lot of training for that – but I wasn’t soooo far off the pace for the Skipton tri that I should hold my head in shame.  Indeed, once you take into account the longer transitions, I think it evens out!

Here is a comparison of the two events:

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 10.20.59

So you can see that although the total time was 8 minutes longer for the Skipton tri – the ride was 2k longer and as mentioned, the transitions were *much* longer, however my pace for the swim, bike and Run was very close.

In summary: A blooming great day which I loved.  Maybe a little more training for the next one though 😉

And here is me on the bike 🙂

Skipton Triathlon Bike

And ‘running’ at the finishing line – in a lot more (mental) pain that in looks here..

Skipton Triathlon Finish

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