Front crawl eludes me, still!

Go back to 2009 and I would have said I could swim, to a degree, and that I favour front crawl. 

That was before I learnt to actually swim and what I was really doing on the few occasions that I would go swimming was splash a lot and not go very far.   Then in 2010 I set myself the challenge of swimming 800 meters (half a mile) and a good friend gave me a few lessons (thank you Lorraine!).

It soon became apparent that I was more comfortable with breast stroke than front crawl so I devoted my time to working on that and very soon accomplished my goal.  Alas as soon as I did my swimming pretty much stopped.

Roll forward to 2016 and I finally succumbed to my cousin’s persistent requests to do a Triathlon (scroll back a few posts to see the details) and again my attempts to learn front crawl end in failure. I just can’t get the rhythm. I work to hard, get out of breath and can’t continue. 

So here I am in 2017. Another triathlon approaches and once more I am lured to try front crawl (as it seems to be the stroke of choice for triathletes) but again I am struggling. 

I know patiences and practice and the key but it is so frustrating! I can currently do 50m. And have done 400m in broken 50m sets but even pushing on to 75m sets is currently alluding me. 


I still have a month. I’ll let you know how it goes. 

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