2016 Goals

I’m not into New Years resolutions, but I do believe that setting goals is a good thing; I know I work harder and am more committed to goals that I have set and (importantly) publicised!

So here be some goals I have set myself, and which, luckily, all work together.

10k – Brighton – April 2016

So I signed up to the Brighton 10k (on the same day and as part of the same event as the Brighton Marathon) a few months back.  +jj Thornton is running the Marathon so I’ll be there to support him, so I figured (with a little prompting from him) that signing up to the 10k would be a good running goal.

Weight target; 94 kilos

When I came back from travelling I was a sprightly (for me) 94 kilos.  A year back at work in the UK and I was up to 101 kilos (my previous ‘high’ before travelling was 107).  I set myself a goal of getting back down to 94 and if I get there I will treat myself to a nice motor bike 🙂  Something like this.. (though obviously not new!)

and last, but not least…
Arundel Triathlon Sprint – May 2016
My cousin Alan is a GOD.  He recently completed the Welsh Ironman and has for years now been gently trying to encourage me into a healthier and more active lifestyle.  This year, spurned on by his heroic efforts, I have signed myself up for my first ever triathlon, albeit only a sprint (but we all have to start somewhere, right?).  I have 6 months to get myself fit enough to do the 400 meter swim, 20km bike ride followed by a 5km run.  I also need to learn to swim front crawl as at the moment I am a breaststroke swimmer.  No biggy.
Not bad as goals go, eh?  I’ll be sure to keep you all updated on how it goes….
Anyone fancy joining me?
#triathlon #goals #2016 #training

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