Loving rural life

Life is good. I live in a lovely little village in the Peak District, in a FAB little house with a real fire and a massive kitchen. Less than a minute from the door are fields leading to more fields, with hills, valleys and streams to follow and explore.

As autumn approaches the mornings and evening are being devoured in soft mists, and currently the bushes are abundant with blackberrys. Horses, sheep and cows can be heard from the garden and it’s gonna take a while for this town/city dweller to get used to that.

My commute is 40 minutes and whilst that may sound a lot, let me tell you it’s not. It’s a relaxing 40 minute drive through country roads, passing heathland aflame with red and pink heather. It’s winding roads surrounded by green, and my only traffic worries are tractors which far from delaying me, slow me down and relax me. Take it easy. Calm down. Chill out. Listen to the radio, enjoy the music, dont stress; it’s a nice drive 🙂

Why did I ever live in a city? Or, why did it take me so long to find the countryside?

This is a few pictures from the nearby area 🙂

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