How easy it is to fall back in to bad habits!

Life should be about the fun stuff.  Living.  Doing things you want.  New things. Or things you enjoy.

Its not just about working.  We work so we can live – we do not live to work.  Having just returned to working life (4 months in now) having been off for 18 months it scares me how quickly you can get embroiled back into the 24 hr work culture.

It sucks. It shouldn’t happen.  Its not what its about.

Number one annoyance:

Thinking about work when I’m not at work.

Number two annoyance:

Waking up early, even when I am tired, because my mind is still thinking about work.

Number three annoyance:

This fucker:

and how much it plays on my mind.

Number four annoyance:

Not spending my time away from work more wisely.  TV SUCKS BALLS.  Why does it dominate our lives so much? Fuck that.  Go for a walk.  go for a run! read a book. Talk. Laugh. Drink!  There are so many good things to do but I just don’t.

So what to do:

Tonight I made dough.  Tomorrow morning I’ll beat it and then cook it and I’ll thoroughly appreciate the effort I went to so I could enjoy fresh bread for breakfast INSTEAD of watching an hour of shite TV which would have just made me feel bad.

OK, so I’ll admit I’ll probably feel bad tomorrow when I smother the fresh bread in butter and honey and eat way to much of it.  That that’s and different kind of bad.  A good kind of bad.  You get me?

Then I’ll go for a run and all will be right with the world.

I’ve said before, you are the sum of the choices you make.  So don’t work so much. Don’t watch so much TV.  Pickup the phone and call a friend.  Write a story.  Bake.  Do what you love and if you’re lucky, do it with someone you love.

Take the red pill and stay in wonderland.


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