The choices I make

I don’t often get behind the many ‘life motto’s’ or inspirational/aspirational sound-bites or posters/quotes that abound the social media’s, however this one really resonates with me.  Mainly because its quite simple, very true and doesn’t involve anyone/thing else (e.g. invisible space pixies or what some of you call God’s).

This one is:

And it applies across your whole life.  

Be a better person by choosing to be nice – to hold back your criticism of others, be more understanding, listen to the person and try to understand.  

Be healthier by choosing to eat better and live a more active lifestyle. 

Do the things you always wanted to do and have always talked about doing by not procrastinating and setting some goals in order to achieve them

Choose not to be an arse.

We can all be better, and I am working on most of the above.  I’m not making all the right choices, few people have that kind of commitment, but I trying and I am becoming more concious of when I make the wrong choices.

This poster was from Neila Ray who you can find on Google+ encouraging people to workout and eat healthier and generally be better.

In the mean time folks, BE EXCELLENT TO EACH OTHER.

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