April Fools Day

So the adventure is finally beginning!  I booked my tickets and will be leaving the UK on the 1st April.

First stop: Buenos Aires.  One of my oldest friends is currently living there with his lovely wife and it is his 40th Birthday on April 5th so it just seemed so appropriate to start my trip there to celebrate with them.  More appropriately still is that his nick name when we were young was ‘The Fool’.   So I am flying out to see the Fool on April Fools day 🙂

So the trip itinerary is:  8 Months in South America, 3 months in NZ which shall include a trip to the pacific islands (perhaps Fiji or Tonga) then as long as possible (depending on money) in Asia  before heading home.

If things go to plan, I’ll be back in the UK in Jan 2015, or if I spend money too fast I’ll probably be back cap in hand in April 2014.  Lets see how that goes!

I’m aiming to be in New Zealand for Christmas 2013 and hope to hook up with Scoot so start booking your flights people and come and join us!

Other potential dates to join us:

My 40th:  Ecuador/Galapagos/Peru
Kates Birthday: Argentina/Chile
Christmas/New Year 2014 (hopefully) Asia:  Thailand!?!?

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