If today has taught me anything..

It’s that when pushed to it, I can subconsciously come up with lots of things to keep me busy and thus avoid doing something that I need to do *without* meaningfully avoiding doing it.

Its an amazing trick.

To combat this, I have set myself 3 dairy reminders and 2 phone alerts for tomorrow to BOOK A DENTIST appointment.

I’l let you know if this strategy helps/works.

Another thing I learnt today:

  • There is a big difference between chocolate bars and chocolate chips.  And turning the former into the latter is a fucking mission.
and one last rant on a slightly more serious note:
Dear Sainsbury’s,
Seriously – 4 fucking coupons with my receipt?  HAVE I EVER USED ONE???? EVER?? SO WHY THE FUCK DO I NEED FOUR? Just apply my discounts automatically and email details of any offers so I can ignore you without you having to dessicate a forest!

apologies for the swearing.  It just felt right.

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