I bought a bag!

how sad that I can get so excited by such a silly thing.   However, it doesn’t make it any less true.  I bought a bag and I am very excited by this. 🙂

You see; its not just any bag.  This is my travel bag  The bag that is going to cradle my belongings as I set off on my little jaunt around the world.  Sure, I had other bags from previous trips, but like watches, earphones and boardgames I strongly believe you can never have too many bags.

So we’re backpacking.  But we’re not going on repeated long hikes with all our gear.  What we need is a cross between a wheelie suitcase, but with the versatility of a backpack for those times we do have to move our gear at once across rough terrain.  We also need enough gear to travel for a year.  I’m not talking about everyday clothes, but preparing for a long travel filled with many adventures.  What might we get up to?

Running. Diving. Hiking. Relaxing.  These are pretty much guarantees.

What about Sailing? Snowboarding? Camping?  Just how much do you take?  And how the hell do you keep all that below your airline weight allowance?

So – this is what I bought:

The Osprey Sojourn 80 Litre:

Its got a HUGE capacity (80 litres) and a opening panel that gives access to the whole case (rather than having to pack everything through the top or bottom like most backpacks) and its got a great compression/wrapping sides which will be great for protection.

Its got wheels and a handle which will make it easy to drag around airports, cities and towns with decent pavements.

but for those times we’ll actually have to carry the sucker it has a traditional backpack strap system (that is actually very good) built into the back that it stored behind a panel when not in use.

 Hmm.   Now I have the bag – I can start the packing experiments 🙂

3 thoughts on “I bought a bag!

  1. I've always had a backpack and used one pretty much every day, and my Osprey pack has been the best one I've ever bought. Be interested to hear how you get on with this once you're back.


  2. Fi: I'll keep you posted as I go! I have a burghaus rucksack (60litre) that I've used in all my other travels, but I get tired unpacking it all every time I want something that is in the middle because you can only get in from the top and bottom. And you can guarantee you end up needing whatever you pack in the middle!

    Ben: I'll be employing as many of these tips as possible: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQyF_rzmkHs


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