Head down – keeping busy – plodding on

So last week I was potentially spiralling into a malaise that would see me sitting in front of the TV watching endless episodes of Star Trek TNG or Big Bang Theory whilst desperately trying not to think about the money I was spending whilst doing nothing.

So, I guess this just goes to prove that everyone can have a bad day.

I’m not saying that I’m not bothered by the malaise that I was (and lets face it, most of us can) going through, its just perhaps I was overstating it just a little!   We all have a little drama queen in us I suppose.

This last week I’ve managed to tear myself away from the couch and actually do some stuff.  My days are still streaming past with little to show for them apart from an ever depleting bank balance however I am actually doing *something* with my time and it occurred to me I am actually enjoying myself!

I have been thinking a fair bit about what makes me happy,who I want to be and how to go about making the changes need to achieve this, because lets face it, once you know what you want its just a matter of making the necessary changes to your life and putting in some effort into making it happen.  The thing you need to remember though, is that these changes wont (or can’t) necessarily happen overnight.  You need to go through small steps to achieve your larger goal.

I want to be fitter.  I want to eat better learn to cook more of the food I like to eat (rather than buying pre-prepared).  I want to do more (rather than be a couch potato) and I want to learn more.

But that’s a feck lot of change!  I have been making moves in the right direction over the last few months and I shall to continue to do so going forward.  I just need to get realistic that I still currently love watching endless re-runs of STTNG or the BBT and doing so is fine as long as I also do some other stuff :).

Which I have been.

So here is a picture of some cakes I baked:

Decorated Coffee Cake

Naked Coffee Cake and a Banana and Date Cake

And here are two links to websites I’m in the early stages of coding/developing:

You’re a Cock: The Search for pubs with ‘Cock’ in their name

Steveslaw: My vanity site – where its ALL and ME.

So that’s me – actually quite happy in my depression and actually keeping myself busy! 🙂

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