The wonders of technology and the honesty of people

Yesterday I lost my iPhone.  Yes, I am that kind of twat.  This would be my iPhone that isnt password locked, and has all my passwords to pretty much every social media and email account I have saved on it.

I was out with Jasper in Richmond Park and we were out there for about 2 hours.  We did a little bit of running (I’m trying to teach him to jog with me) and walked for about 4 or 5 miles.  It was a wet and muddy walk and by the time I got home we were both caked in mud. 
It was as we got back and were approaching the flat that I realised I didn’t have my phone. Instant thought; “FUCK”.  Second thought: “Perhaps I didn’t take it with me?”.  third thought: “find my iPhone will save the day!”.
So with a very rejected looking Jasper left sitting outside the kitchen door I rushed in (removing very dirty boots) to grab my iPad.  
Firstly, I hadn’t downloaded the Find my iphone App to my iPad.  What? So after quickly downloading and signing in hey presto – up pops the location of my iPad and iPhone.  Unexpectedly it wasn’t in the park anymore – but instead it was in a road a couple of streets away.  If the accuracy of the location was correct; it was in a house a couple of streets away.
Fuck! and Phew!   Phew because the chances of me finding it if had been in the park was remote.  My iPad is wifi only so it wouldn’t work in the park.  Fuck because who knows who had my UNLOCKED phone!!
Luckily I noticed a little button that said ‘Lost Mode’. Awesome!  ?Clicking on this allowed me to remotely create a password and lock the phone AND it requested a contact number to display on the phone so whoever had it could get in touch.  AWESOME functionality.  So I set it up just in case (using Kate’s mobile as a contact number) but then called my phone using the home phone as this seemed the easier option (I didn’t leave this number as a contact as I have NO idea what it is).
My mobile rings and then goes to voicemail. Bugger.
I then ring Kate to let her know she might get a call:  Voicemail.  Bugger!  I leave one of those rambling messages that gives way to much detail.
Seconds later Kate rings back: “have you lost your phone?”.  YIPPEEEEE!  Whoever had it (Adam) has seen the ‘this phone has been lost’ message pop up on my phone and had called it immediately.  He was waiting for it (obviously a IOS user who knew the functionality of Find my iPhone) and was happy to reunite me with my phone.
So after stripping off, washing the dog, cleaning the flat I sat down to have a coffee during which I posted this photo to Facebook:

with the comment:

“Just hoovered the flat wearing only a t-shirt, a pair of boxers and a stolen pair of Kate’s slippers. Oh yes.”
(Link to status here but you’ll need to be my friend) 
I then had a quick shower before popping over to see him with a bottle of wine as a thank you.  
I don’t know why, but I had expected an older gentlemen (my age or older) so I was a little surprised when a young lad in his twenties answered the door with my phone in his hand.  I guess there is hope for the younger generation after all.
Question:  What is the appropriate reward for such an act of Kindness from a stranger?  It wasn’t till afterwards I thought that  perhaps my offering of bottle of wine (£8) was a little stingy.  
And what if he didn’t like red wine?

2 thoughts on “The wonders of technology and the honesty of people

  1. I think a bottle of wine is a decent gesture. At the end of the day, assuming he had every intention to return your phone then he would've done it out of the goodness of his heart and not be expecting anything in return.


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