Ramblings indeed…

Happiness or Meaning?

So I can across an article the other day (on twitter via @lopo5) which was titled ‘There is more to life than being Happy‘ and I would really recommend you spare a moment to read it.

The gist is:  striving for Happiness is short term and too easily effected or achieved by things which can change or are out of your control.  However, striving for meaning, whilst not directly linked to happiness, can  make your life more worthwhile and valuable to you as a source of strength in troubled times.

It really did make me think.  My life (of late) is most certainly one in which I am happy but have no meaning/purpose except pursuing that happiness.  This is certainly something I will be thinking about in the coming months when I am away travelling (pursuing that dream of happiness).

Saunas: OK – are you one of those guys?

I like a sauna after my gym sessions.  I like to sit there and relax, in the silence, enjoying the heat.  Enjoying the sweat.  Its really very relaxing.  However, of late people keep coming in and start working out (press ups and bench dips) or stretching (calves, hamstrings etc).  Now I’d like to say it doesn’t bother me – but it does. What on earth are you doing?  You’re ruining my ‘me’ time is what you are doing!  Feck off and stretch in the gym like the rest of us.

Also, whilst on odd behaviour in the sauna, I saw a woman bring in a small bag with her the other day.  After just a few minutes of sitting there quietly she pulled from from her bag a roll on deodorant and started applying it.  WTF?  The only thing I can guess at is that she was a product tester.

Les Miserables:

I seemed to be getting a little fixated on Les Mis at the moment.  I have seen the show at the Theatre twice now (it was the very first show I ever saw in the West End) and have really liked it both times, however since seeing the recent Film Directed by Tom Hooper I have got mildly obsessed!  I may even go and see it again! I’ve listened to the (original theatre cast) sound track ever day since I saw the movie recently and cannot stop singing the songs.  Its just Awesome (capital A) and if you have seen it then I would encourage you to do so.

2 thoughts on “Ramblings indeed…

  1. Oh god the things you see in steam rooms… I have seen people: clip their toe nails, wash themselves (but not rinse and sit covered in soap for 15 minutes), and shave. Disgusting. Some people don't even shower before they get in. Ick.


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