Always number 329..

329 is always my first choice.  8/10 times I get it.  If not, then 327 (to the left) or 331 (to the right) are my next choice.  Never 330 (below).

It seems that in some ways I am a creature of habit though this only really occurred to me recently when realising my strange habit of always using the same locker in the gym.   I’m not sure if there is some kind of subconscious draw to the number 329, or if my mind has done some elaborate study of the locker room to work out the best position, but what ever it is, I’m always drawn to the same locker.

Even now that I know it, recognise it, admit it to myself; I’m still using it. Why is that?  Why is it that to use any other locker when 329 is free just *feels* wrong?

Admittedly I can see that there was some logic to the initial choice. It’s proximity to the end of the bench its by – meaning I generally only have to put up with someone getting changed on one side of me (being surrounded is just not cool).  Its one of the first ones as you come in – meaning I don’t have to wade through the entire room of people getting changed to get to it and means its also nearest to the gym.  However there are detractors too.  Its furthest from the showers (meaning I do have to then navigate the crowded room) and furthest from the pool (same point as above).

Its also worth noting that when I go, the gym and the changing rooms are virtually empty which nullifies all above points about crowd issues.

So why?

And also – what other things do I do out of habit that I am unaware of?

3 thoughts on “Always number 329..

  1. I do the same thing. Always aim for the same locker – got one I always use at the Tooting branch and another that I always go for at the Old St one. If they're full then I pick one that's nearby but at the end of the block (so I don't forget where it is).

    I wonder how many other people who go to the gym use the same locker each time.


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