Small postponement…

Hardly anything goes exactly to plan, especially when part of that plan relies on a property sale in the UK.

So, Kate’s buyer for her flat dropped out last week which puts us back a couple of months and means we have to start the whole process again. Which Sucks.

It sucks because it delays our departure.  It sucks because we have to start cleaning the flat every time someone comes round for a viewing (and whilst looking after Jasper this no small feat).  It sucks because hanging around in England is costing me money and I don’t want to get another job (its a New Years resolution you know).  And it just sucks because it does.  IT SUCKS.  I think you get where I am coming from.

However; looking on the positive side it doesn’t mean I get to hang round doing very much what I have for the last two months:  Walk the dog, go to the gym, eat healthily, hang out with folks, and  most importantly – continue with Games Nights 🙂

Kate has managed to get a short term job to cover her for the next few months (we’re realistically looking at at least a 2 month delay) but its an office based job (she has worked from home for the last few years) so this means I’ll be on my own all day (sympathy please).  Most odd.  This leaves me at home alone most of the time loosing money.  Now that kinda sucks too!

At least I have Jasper… for now.

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