Changing my lifestyle

No, this isn’t a New Years resolution, its just part of my year out project.    Its time to get fit (ish) again.  Time to starting living a little better.  Time to start looking thinking about what I eat. Time to start being more active, and time to start thinking about some goals for my FORTIES.  Yes, this year I am forty years old. Old. Not young.  I’m to much of a piss taking pragmatist to even consider myself young any more 🙂

This post is about getting back into running.

I wrote a note back in October call I am weak about my disappointing attempts to start running again when I struggled to run a mile.  I vowed at the end of the blog that this wouldn’t last long… well, I’m glad to say things are getting better.  Since the end of November I’ve been going to the gym at least 3 times a week working on a core strength routine but not focussing on cardio.  Then, with the arrival of the new year (and having been asked by Matt Shepard to join him for a run) I decided I should start once again doing some running training.

My first run out I managed 6k – this is the furthest I have run since the 2010 marathon and I was incredibly happy to have completed it.  However, my time wasn’t great.  I used to run a 6 minute kilometre (which is a 10 minute mile) which whilst not fast, is about average for non runners of a heavy-set nature (in fact I think that pace is offically jogging, not running).  My pace for my run this year was 6.52 minute/KM – a full minute off my previous pace of two years ago, which whilst not fantastic, my goal had been distance and not time so my goal for the run was a success.

I’ve since done two 3k runs and have achieved the 6 minute/KM pace that I used to run with so now I just need to push the distance up at that speed which means spending a little less gym time focussing on core strength and tone and instead spending equal time on that and cardio.  My goal is to achieve a 6 min/km pace of 6k by the end of Jan and push to running a full 10k by the end of Feb.  This goal is regardless to my travel plans so even if I go away I aim to still keep running as one of the New Year resolutions I did make myself was to keep running whilst away.

lets see how I do eh?

Run details here:
1st 3k
2nd 3k

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