Its a dogs life (for life)

So we’re dog sitting at the moment for +Kate Fairchild ‘s sister –  a chocolate brown 3 year old Labrador called Jasper – and much to my surprise I am loving it.   It has its down sides to be sure (smelling of dog, slobber and drool, having to pick up his shit and his tendency to roll in other animals shit) but all that aside he is a lovable chap to have around.  This isn’t the first time we’ve looked after Jasper and we’ve also looked after other dogs too, however this is the first time that I’ve been home (not working) whilst we have been dog sitting.  Before I’ve just been here for a quick walk in the morning and the last walk at night – with him being in the house for a few hours with us in the evening.

Being with him all day has been really quite cool and I must admit to being much more of a dog person than perhaps I have previous let on 🙂

We don’t have any outdoor space at our flat (apart from a very small landing at the top of our external entry stairs) so he is pretty much indoors all day.  That is except for the minimum of three walks he gets – two of which are 1-2 hour walks through Richmond Park (a perk of us both being at home) which he loves. He’s fairly well behaved but doesn’t return when called if he’s got something more interesting to explore (which is pretty much the only time you have to call him back!) but walking through the very beautiful park with him is just great.  Dodging the herds of deer, watching out for the horses, mindful of other dogs and walkers and of course – watching Jasper like a hawk in case he finds some shit to roll in.

However, watching him whilst we are at home laying around the flat I do wonder what the chap thinks about? And not just Jasper either.  What do pets think about whilst we go about our lives and leave them to simply lounge about? Surely their lives cant simply be spent waiting for the next walk, the next meal time, the next 2 hour nap?

I’d love to know.

This is Jasper.

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