Time does fly when you’re having fun

So it’s been seven weeks since I left work (seven glorious weeks) and it amazes me how quickly time has flown by. Some of it has been productive, some not so.

I’ve fallen in and out of love (addiction) with Love Film and Netflix and lost many days of good intentions to simply moving from bed to the sofa and back again watching mediocre TV series or utterly rubbish films. Subscriptions now cancelled.

I’ve joined a gym have have been actually going – I’ve also been having some personal training sessions and have worked out a decent routine that doesn’t require any machines/weights that I can continue when I go away. This partially inspired by Fi and her blog http://www.bar-barella.com/search/label/Blog?m=1 where she talks about training using your own body weight (so in my case – a lot of heavy lifting!). On top of that I’m also trying to eat healthier and have been concentrating on fish, chicken, eggs, fruit and veg whilst trying avoid bread, pasta, oils/fats and chocolate. However, that’s been pretty hard with all the festive goodies and roast dinners!!

I’ve had my first Christmas in 10 years where I wasn’t working in retail (ok, at all!) which meant that I had a fantastically relaxing one. That said, I still found buying presents absolute hell. I wish it was just about gatherings with friends and family; eating, drinking and making merry.

We’ve also had New Year. Welcome to 2013. Here are a couple of my New Years resolutions;

1. No working at all in 2013 whilst exploring the Southern Hemisphere
2. Spend more time on the beach
3. Learn some Spanish
4. Do some scenic running in the countries I visit

And I have to say that I’m very excited about all of these! 🙂

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