Jedi training in UK police force

Now some of you may be aware that managed to get myself into a little trouble a few weeks back with the a couple of good fellows from the Thames Valley police.

Now I shan’t go into details (yet) as the whole experience (whilst mildly amusing post fact) still troubles me somewhat when I think to much about it.  Suffice to say; yes I was drunk and after a long conversation with these gentlemen I may have been somewhat disorderly, HOWEVER, only 5-10 minutes into our conversation one of the officers told me this:

“You are completely and utterly obnoxious.  You are the most obnoxious person I have met here in a very long time”.

Its not the worst thing that has ever been said to me (by far) but there are two things that are worthy of comment.

Firstly – I was still trying to be polite at this point!  Admittedly I was drunk but they had pulled me to one side for trying to calm a situation down involving some colleagues and at this point I hadn’t done (in my opinion) anything wrong.

Secondly – It usually takes people hours to realise that I am (or can be) rather obnoxious – though to be fair I would generally say ‘annoying cock’ rather than obnoxious but that could just be me being biased.  What’s worthy of note is; what training are they giving the police now-a-days that means they have these powers of perception!  It was truly Jedi like of them to spot me in the crowd and say “I think if I cuff that guy over there on a trumped up charge and tell him he’s obnoxious, he might just well get a bit obnoxious”.  Well done chaps – I am most impressed 🙂

Now, I have to point out that I am generally a well behaved person who does my bit and I have the greatest respect for all our services personnel – the armed forces and domestic. I also pay taxes, dont litter, try not to swear to much in public and vote whenever there is an election.  But as mentioned initially – I dont feel I was treated well on this occasion.  One day I’ll tell you more about it.

And here it is;

I respect that he was doing his job – but he did hurt my feelings 😦

One thought on “Jedi training in UK police force

  1. That's hilarious! How did you video it?! He's very posh sounding for a copper.

    I cannot wait to hear the rest of the story.

    How is daily gym and healthy eating going? I must say I think daily gym may prove unsustainable. Two days on one day off might be a better plan, if I may suggest it 🙂


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