Love Film in all its glory

On other notes – and totally contrary with my last post all about ‘stop wasting my life and getting fit’ – I just joined Love Film again.

Their ‘Watch Now’ is just AWESOME.

Talk about ways to lose weeks of your life for £4.99 a month (with a 30 day free trail)!  There are plenty of shite movies and TV series on there to go through and stream effortlessly to my ipad which means I can curl up anywhere in the flat (as long as its out of Kate’s way) with my headphones on and lose myself to pretty much anything.  No changing DVD discs and you can even take it with you when you go to make coffee/breakfast/lunch/dinner!  I haven’t yet ventured to toilet viewing – that’s just wrong – but if you really wanted to you could (but be aware that in my books that makes you odd).

I’ve already watched the entirety of Firefly over two days (though annoyingly they don’t have serenity available to stream)…

Now – lets debate the quality of Firefly… no, perhaps lets not. 

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