Can I rebuild myself?

So I am now a man of leisure.   My last working day for 2012 was on Friday 16th November and hopefully I will not be working again until some time in 2014.

God* that sounds good.  And as is only right for such a prestigious occasion as my last day at work for over a year, I celebrated with my (x) colleagues and partied into the night.  That got me a) arrested and b) a massive hangover the following day.   Whilst no more shall be said about b) I shall perhaps detail a) in more detail at some later point.

So what’s the plan now?  So glad you asked.

We’re now looking to leave for Central/South America at some point in January – exact dates, flights and destination yet to be confirmed which means I have at least 7 weeks to fill until then.  I have already lost a week to a couple of almighty hangovers (1 mentioned above) and the days of lethargy that generally follow such events – plus a couple of days simply laying around the house watching shite on TV.  But no more!  Or at least, no more full days!    I’ve joined a Gym and plan to go EVERY day.  I figure 7 weeks is more than enough time to get myself back to looking like Brad, less like Jabba. Today was day one – tomorrow I have an appointment with a personal trainer whom I am going to pay silly amounts of money to to check in on my weekly and make sure I’m doing what I need to do.  I’m not talking about getting uber ripped or fit – simply slightly fitter and hopefully down a jeans size (or two).

I’m also going to do some cooking.  Anyone who knows me knows I don’t cook a lot. or at all.  I’m more of a ‘heater-upper’ than a cook.  However I figure I have to time now to do the preparation and research to actually cook a meal or two from scratch.  I’m certainly going to try and tie in my new fitness regime to my diet and eat more fresh and healthy food.

Any suggestions or requests will be looked upon on a case by case basis and I reserve the right to laugh in your face.  Please don’t take offense. If you want something then it best be easily transportable; Cakes. Cookies. Ginger bread men. Bread.

And in between all this I’m going to get out and do the rounds – so expect a visit and by some rum! 🙂


* I am of course referring to that non existence ‘being’ that whilst not existing and having no power over me I do like to reference on occasion.

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