The initial destination is set! (sort of)

Belize. We’re going to head to Belize first.

This then dictates our directions of travel; Central and South America – Pacific Islands and New Zealand then Asia, India, Africa.   Or at least, that is the current plan.

But the whole thing is we don’t want a plan, or too much of one at any rate.  But the start is set and so our plan starts to take shape..

We’re thinking 6 months for this first leg during which time we’ll dive, dance, drinks and be merry across the continent whilst trying to learn Spanish as we go.  Belize is an English speaking country so this allows us to relax for a while before we throw ourselves into Spanish lessons.

We’re still aiming for a December departure and being away for Chrimstas (as Christmas on a beach is *really* appealing) but it all depends on the sale of the flat so time scales are tight!

Does anyone want to buy an (only slightly) overpriced one bed flat in Kingston?? Drop me a line if you do..

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