I am weak

Quite literally it seems.

As you may know, a couple of years ago I set out to, and did run, the London Marathon.  It was a massive undertaking for me as at the time of deciding to do it I couldn’t run for toffee. In fact the furthest I had ever run was a 10k – and that only once.

It now appears that I am back where I started. I’ve just come back from a run where I couldn’t even do a mile. ONE SINGLE MILE!!!

What is that all about???

OK, so I’ll admit that I’ve hardly run at all since the Marathon (now 30 months ago) and since buying a car last year I’ve stopped riding my bike as much (at all).  I also haven’t done much (any) hiking this year. But all that a side; ONE MILE???? it’s not too much o ask from this body, is it?

I am weak.

But it shall not last long.

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