2012 – Stepping away from the grindstone and heading off

So another year has passed since my last post.  A lot has happened in 2012. To surmise:

  1. Took Voluntary Redundancy from Firebox.com after 9.5 years (very sad)
  2. Sold my Flat having lived there for 7 years
  3. Moved in with Kate in Kingston (massive deal!!)
  4. Got a new job with Worldnet Direct
  5. Spent a small fortune on car (BMW 1 Series)
  6. Decided to go travelling with Kate (YAY!)
  7. Quit Job with Worldnet Direct (currently working my notice)
Now, each one of those things in itself is worthy of discussion (at least I believe so), specially points 1,3 and 5, but right now I’m AAALLLLL about planning our trip.
We’re aiming to be away before Christmas 2012 and stay away for as long as possible.  We want to see as much of the southern hemisphere as possible – but we’re figuring minimum a year, if possible two. We want to do South America, Africa, India, Asia and New Zealand with as much in between as possible.
Some things I want to achieve along the way:

  • Learning Spanish.  
  • Diving off each continent. 
  • Learning how to canter (which requires me learn to ride.)
  • Lots of camping in the wilds
  • Relaxing and reconnecting with life (living!!)
  • Getting fit and losing some weight
  • Living without coffee
  • Reading some classic classics
  • Reading some non classic classics
Not such a big list really and I hope that without much effort most of these will simply happen.  Not sure about living without coffee though.
We’re putting together our itinerary and so far it goes something like this:
Africa: Kenya – hit the beach for a couple of weeks.
Overland Bus tour from Kenya ending up in Capetown (7weeks)
Hop over to India (flight or perhaps sailing on a Tall Ship)
India: Relax in Kerala for a while then head north taking in the sites.
Nepal – Mountains and monasteries
Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia – no ping pong, snake blood or dragon chasing.
Islands (Fiji, cook, others?) lots of diving
New Zealand – Hook up with Scoot and explore the islands.
South America (learn Spanish, visit the Inca/Maya ruins, sip Pisco sours, drink red wine, eat steak, Go on long Horse trails)
Mexico/Belize hit the beaches and diving and  …   then…. home.
Or – we might try to head to Mexico and Southern America First!  We need to do some investigating!
Suggestion welcome and updates to follow!

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