Do you know this man???

Originally uploaded by steveslaw

Its around 02:45 on Saturday 30th January.

He’s on the 159 bus heading to Streatham.

He’s drunk and obviously VERY tired…

I felt sorry for him – I’ve been in that state before – when you are so tired you just can’t help closing your eyes…. you can feel you are slipping down but you just cant stop yourself… Sleep is such a good idea. Who cares that you are on a bus, or that you may actually be laying on the floor of the bus – you just want to sleep.

But then you Jerk awake! You have a quick look around to see if anyone noticed that you almost fell out of your chair… Packed bus, but no one obviously laughing at you (so you think) so you got away with it. Phew.

But boy, I feel sleepy….. I’ll just close my eyes for a few seconds…

And then loop that for 20 minutes.

The question is: Who is he?

answersonapostcard please.

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