2010 – Week 4

So week 4 saw me taking it easy from running and working out on the cross trainer at the gym. I managed a total of 40k over 4 visits – with one visit doing 21k in 1 hour 45 minutes. That’s a half Marathon on the cross trainer – which means surely I can do a half running?? Maybe a little slower, but surely??

I also had a work out with a personal trainer, Michelle. We stuck to non-cardio stuff as I think I am covering that ok. So instead, I did skipping (boy, another exercise that I look stupid doing), jacks (new term for star jumps) , squats (ouch), press ups (ouch again) pull ups (yuk) and some abs work on an exercise ball. Then some lunges, then some light weights.

25 minutes of using all the muscles I haven’t used in years and I can tell you it hurt! However, I liked it 🙂

Week 5 sees me aiming to start running again – as I have to! On Sunday 7th February I am taking part in the Watford Half Marathon!!!!!!!!!!

And I don’t mind telling you I am feeling a little apprehensive about it.


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