2010 – week 3 – disaster strikes!

OK, disaster may just be overplaying it a little but after the glory of last week…

Well, it turns out that running 60k in a week having not done much building up can cause the body to start complaining! I went for a run on Monday and noted straight away that something wasn’t right. I was getting a pain in my right hip and knee – quite a sharp pain. I thought initially I could run through it but after 3k I decided to call it quits.

Tuesday it was worse and it hurt just to stand and didn’t get much better into Wednesday – I decided this was my body telling me to rest and not to push myself so hard.

I had an appointment with a personal trainer at my gym on Thursday so I decided to go along regardless to get some training advice and hope to get some recovery advice. Blooming good job I did. She showed be some stretching and core strength exercises which will hopefully bring some benefits, but joy of joy – she introduced me to the cross trainer!

I stayed after my hour PT session and did an hour of the cross trainer covering 8km – and it felt good!

However, that’s where my training for the week stopped. Friday night and Saturday I was out and about so didn’t get time to do anymore.

Sunday, the start of week 4 sees me still with pain in my hip, so I have decided to stay off running and stick to the cross trainer for a week. More details on that in my next entry.

Only 2 weeks until the Watford half marathon on the 7th Feb! frack! Pains or no, I am determined to get round that one.


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