2010 – week 2 – and what a joyous week!

So the challenge for week two was to build up my stamina again so I could start doing longer runs.

The plan of action: 10k a day. 7 days = 70k! Now, considering I have never done anything like this before this was no small step – a hard challenge everyday of the week?! Well, lets just see I thought.

As it happens my cousin gave me a little advice on nutrition and also gave me some ‘myoplex – race recovery‘ drink/supplement type thing. The trick is to eat well before and directly after training apparently. Lots of protein to help build muscle, lots of carbs to give you strength and endurance.

Well, I have to say that certainly helped! Not just the shake – but just the nudge to start thinking more about what I need to eat to fuel what I want to do. Its not just about eating healthily, its about eating the right thing at the right time. Needless to say I still haven’t got the hang of this idea completely – but when I am well fed I certainly feel better both before, during and after my work out!

God I fancy a curry though. I don’t (yet) miss the beer, but I really do fancy a curry! 🙂

Anyhow – I managed 60k for the week and though a little short of my target, I am more than happy with this. I can also use the excuse that on the two days that I didn’t manage 10k, I did manage 5k – but on both those days I had ridden to work in Croydon – which is a 10 mile round trip!

So – what now for week 3? Well, now I have proved I can do 10k fairly reliably, its time to up the game and do it faster. And Then once a week focus on doing a longer run at a more sedate pace.

I also have a personal training session this week at the gym – I figured I might as well get some advice on how to tone up the rest of me whilst I am spending all this time learning how to run 🙂


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