2010 – week 1.

So, I’ve joined a running club on Tuesday. My first training in 2010 and I jumped straight in at the deep end. We met at Tooting track (a 400 meter running track) and after a couple of laps to warm up we were set 6x2x2 challenge. That means we were to run 6 sets of; 2 laps (8oo meters) fast with 200 meters slow. I’d never done this kind of training and soon found myself at the back of the pack, and had to give up on my 4 set. I was shattered! I new getting back into things would be hard but I hadn’t figured to be so out of shape!

Time to start training harder. So I joined a gym too. First night I only managed a mere 5k on the running machine, the next night I struggled on an interval training programme (hills) and did a mere 3k. Disaster! still, took a day off and went back today (Sunday) and did my 10k. 1hr 2min.

So week 1 summary: Crap start, but ended ok. Now I need to start working back up to 10 miles (16k). Lets see first if I can’t do a weeks worth of 10ks.

More new soon good people.

Next Target: I’ve signed up for the Watford half Marathon at the end of Jan.


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