So what Does 2010 hold?

Happy New Year all!

So I thought I’d just write a note about what I hope 2010 will hold in store. It’ll be a busy year with luck! Firstly I have my physical challenges to do, So here are some objectives for those:

Watford Half Marathon (end Jan)
Tonbridge Wells Half Marathon (end Feb)
The London Marathon (End April)
The London to Brighton Bike Ride – without stopping (20th June)
A 1 Mile swim

As it stands right now, I am struggling on 10k.. I have 3 weeks training to get in to build myself up to a half marathon but I am confident I can. Then its train, train train until the full Marathon.

As if that wasn’t enough – I’ve also stopped drinking as part of my training! The plan is to lay off the pop until after the Marathon. Lets see how that goes!

On the non physical training side of things this year also holds 6 weddings, one of which is in Borneo! Which will be ace and hopefully include some jungle trekking, some orangutan spotting and some diving – as well as some beach time and merriment making!

I am also going to finish decorating my flat and do the garden! This is a 5 year project that WILL get finished this year.

I think that’s quite enough for 1 year!

roll on 2011 πŸ˜‰

One thought on “So what Does 2010 hold?

  1. OMG! You have a personal blog too. Awesome. Blogging should be as compulsory as taxes, I reckon.

    Anyhow, if I read someone's blog I always feel I should give them the link to mine, otherwise I feel a bit like a stalker. So if you click on my name you can see mine. But I'll let you guess who I am πŸ˜‰


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