2010 – A Fresh Start

Happy New year! As I write it is 15 weeks till the Marathon!

1. How am I doing with my training I hear you ask. 2. What have I been up to? 3. Why haven’t I posted anything since early October.

Well, these are all jolly good questions and I shall answer them in reverse order.

3. Why haven’t I posted anything? Sheer bloody laziness for one. And my laptop died for 2. There you go. Two good reasons. And if you needed and third, I’ve been busy with Christmas!

2. Well, since my last post I’ve done the Great South Run (25th October) and amazed myself with a great time: 1hr 39 minutes. This means I am good for my target 10 minute mile target and all I need to do is build on my stamina to last the distance.

This is me after a couple of miles:

Looking good if I say so myself.

The unfortunate thing is I pulled at muscle at the 9th mile and though I ran through it for the final mile I was in agony by the end! This also stopped me training for a couple of weeks and once stopped I struggled to get going again. In November and December I hardly did any training which really sucks.

So that leads me on to question 1.

Hows the training going? Well, with the turn of the New Year I have started again. I have joined a local running club (The Herne Hill Harriers) and also joined a local gym.

On my first evening back in training – with the Harriers – we were set a target of a 5.8k run – 800 meters fast, 200 meter recover and repeat 6 times. Well, lets just say that took me some what out of my comfort zone, both because I hadn’t trained for 8 weeks, and because the training I had been doing was not at this speed. As training session going, it was a bit of a failure as I only completed 3k, however, the real battle was the mental battle to simply start again. That thankfully, was a success.

From here in on I am going to be running the the HHH twice a week and going to the gym for at least twice a week. Ideally I want to do at least a 5k run every day – but lets see how that goes.

Can I make it? Do I have time to train back up? Am I determined?



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