Shiny new shoes!

Originally uploaded by steveslaw

Today I became the owner of a nice shiny new pair of running shoes. Apparently my left foot is a size 9.5 and my right is a 9. Odd that my old running shoes (and every other pair of shoes/trainers I own) are 8’s.

I bought these and some funky (read “expensive”) running socks and then rushed home to give them their first test drive.

Disappointingly, only managed 7k (2 laps of the park) before calling it a day – party as I was knackered, and partly as I could feel that I had some new blisters. Sodding new shoes!

Hopefully this is just an ‘adjustment’ phase whilst my feet learn to move into all the new space they have. And apparently I had been tying my laces too tightly, so this run was also a little ‘freer’ than I am used to.

I shall give them another outing on Thursday and let you know how it goes.

In the mean time, I need to start researching ways to toughen up my feet! Pass the surgical spirits..


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