A tatical withdrawl..

Originally uploaded by steveslaw

blisters suck. Plasters dont help!

So in planning my 3 day challenge I had forgotten that I was working in Croydon today – which means a 5 mile ride there and back but, Hell, I wasn’t going to let that stop me though!

So I got home, stuck some padded plasters over the blisters and set off. However, straight away I knew it wasn’t really working but I carried on for 2k before I decided to stop running rather than carry on and shred my feet. Better let it heal for a few days and start again next week than make it really raw and have to wait longer.

I got home, and realised why. The plasters just moved under the pressure/friction of running and then simply pulled the blister slowly off. Ouch.

Not wanting to admit complete defeat I decided to do some Sit-ups and press ups. I was aim for three sets of 30 sit-ups and 3 sets of 20 press ups. hahahahhaha.

I shan’t tell you what I managed, but suffice to say, I need practice! A new daily routine is born!


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