Another week off – but only 3 weeks to go!

So the blisters set me back a little. Annoyingly.

However, I did make it back into running at the weekend and on Saturday 3rd I did 10K round Brockwell Park.

Alas no Garmin tacker this time as I left it round Kate’s house, but I timed it using my watch the details are: 10k (3 laps) 1 hour 1 minute and 9 seconds (2 minutes faster than any previous 3 laps of Brockwell Park).

So, a week off and back to strength, which is goods as the Great South Run is on the 25th October which gives me just three weeks of training. I have three weeks to train from running 10K to running 16k. No small feat!

Tonight (Tuesday) I am off to a local running shop to purchase some new trainers and sock in the hope that they will help stop me getting more blisters as my poor feet are looking very shoddy. I’m also planning on testing them out tonight – so I shall let you know how it goes tomorrow.

Re Swimming – I went for the first time in a couple of weeks last night and achieved about 20 broken lengths. I *think* that towards the end I came up with a ‘my’ style of swimming – I shall expand on this after a few more attempts. I also realised that swimming, much like running, is a battle of will – I can actually keep going much longer than would with just a little determination. I hope to report next week some goods news on the this front 🙂


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