And the blisters start!

Originally uploaded by steveslaw

10k, 1hour 3 minutes, 900 Calories. 3 Laps of Brockwell Park.

Well, day two of the 3 day, 10k a day challenge and what a challenge it was!

From the first lap my legs where tired but I pushed on through that – there was no way I was quitting on lap one! However, I must admit I gave it very serious consideration on lap two when I started to feel my socks rubbing on my feet. However, having vowed never to give up on a hill (my lap start point is half way up one of the hills) I ploughed on into lap three. Oddly – I started to feel a little revived so I thought I sped up, I was certainly putting more effort into lifting the knees and make larger strides, but the stats don’t lie and although I was quicker on lap three than lap two, I was still slower than lap one.

By the end of the third lap though I was in pieces! I can say without a shadow of a doubt now that running the park clockwise is definitely not easier than running counter-clockwise.

For one – the end of the run when going clockwise is uphill!

Tomorrow I’ll run in counter clockwise.


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