Three consecutive runs…

That’s the plan for this week – 3 consecutive days, 3 10k runs.

Today: 10k, 1hr 4 minutes, 1030 calories.

I must admit, I’m not finding it hard to run 10k now, but I’m not finding it easy either. I think 10k is proving to be what 1 lap was for me a few weeks back – a mental barrier. I think I need to find a new longer route so that I am not doing circles and perhaps that will help.

Also – this week on the advise of my physio I ran round the park in the opposite direction to normal as my heel had been giving me some grief and he thought that I might just be stretching one side of my foot from doing the same route with the same camber repeatedly. Scoot and I had done it clockwise once earlier on and we had decided that running round it clockwise was much easier. Well, I can tell you now that is not the case!

Tomorrow I’ll do it anti-clockwise and then Thursday I shall attempt it again clockwise. I’ll let you know if it gets easier.


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