Thighs of LEAD..

2 laps, 6.5KM, 700 calories.

So I was hoping for 3 laps again today – and learning from yesterdays rumbling stomach I had a large lunch and 2 bananas and a bit of chocolate before today’s run – good prep I thought.

However, my legs had been aching all day as after all, I hadn’t run in two weeks. Well, as soon as I started running tonight I new it was going to be painful and before I was half way round on the first lap I had my doubts about doing 1, let alone 3 laps! However, I ploughed on through and did a respectable 2 laps, both laps quicker than yesterdays.

However, by the time I got home and did some stretches, I was absolutely shattered. I had to lay down for 10 minutes after having a shower. I’ve got to do some research on food/energy/diets.


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