A new Guest runner! Introducing Sean Harvey!

steve’s guest runner…. Sean!
Originally uploaded by Scoot

So, having spent Saturday night gorging on BBQ and beers Sean and I headed over to Battersea Park to do a spot of running. I’m keen to split my runs now between Brockwell Park (with its hills) and Battersea Park (in all its flat glory).

Sean hasn’t done any running in years so we thought Battersea would be a good route. We set off and alas Sean bowed out at 2.3k (a very respectable first crack if you ask me! better than my first attempts) however I carried on. I was hoping for 8k however it just felt so good – I carried on and managed just over 3 laps – totally 10.7k 🙂

To say I was amazed would be an understatement! Now the test is to see if I can continue running 10k+ each week. I pushed past 3 laps to get the extra 700 meters – do you realise that this is 25% of the Marathon? I know that leaves another 75% but at this stage in my training I am very very happy with how things are going.

route details here: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/11304198 (you’ll notice I took a slighly wrong turn on one of my laps!


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