Week 2 – Run 2

so I thought, why wait till next week for another run? and Luckily Scoot felt the same way so we decided to hit the park again.

The plan was to do the first lap without stopping – harder than it sounds, as the last 200 meters or so are all up hill and really take it out of you. Then we were to do another lap but with a few rest breaks to catch out breath. The idea was to simply run as much more as we could, as and when we could.

Lap one went well, but I made two 30 second stops – one just at the bottom of that last hill and one about half way up – gutted. Scoot impressively only stopped with me on the first one and then ploughed on through to the end. I have to applaud, whilst secretly being very jealous.

We then had a short breather and then set off again – a few walking stages but we ran round another 2/3rds of the lap before finally admitting defeat just before the base of that hill.

Hills will be the death of me I am sure.

You can look at my stats here: http://connect.garmin.com/player/10044170

my average pace is a 10 minute mile. I could do with improving on this a little, but mainly I want to focus on increasing distance. From now on its two laps minimum.

I’m down in Crawley this weekend so may go for a run round the lakes where I grew up.


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