A flying visit to the lakes

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I really love the lake district. Its such a beautiful place and has so much to do there – from hiking and canoeing to simply relaxing in the lovely surroundings. This past weekend was my brothers birthday and I took the opportunity to gather up my young adult nieces and nephew and take them for a flying visit to the lake district with the simple plan of spending a few days with them (something I haven’t done much of over the years) and hopefully bagging Scafell Pike (one of the UK’s 3 peaks).

Well, it rained. the entire time we were there. But lets not focus on the negative – lets stick to the positive.

We found the most fantastic camp site in Wasdale. Its a national heritage site with good was facilities which is nice for a camp site. But most importantly its at the end of a valley leading into the hills in the lakes – the road in follows is a narrow one and follows a lake along the valley floor. The camp site it self stands in the shadow of Great Gable and Scafell pike and really feels in the middle of nowhere. There is a pub about 10 minutes walk away in the village (if you call a collection of houses that small a village) of Wasdale.

Although we could bag Scafell pike, we did take a short stroll into the hills and although the ground was boggy and the rain still fell its was a good stroll – more than enough for the girls I think though Aaron was eager to tackle Scafell regardless of the weather!

However, common sense prevailed and we’ll leave Scafell for our next visit – I hope to make it a yearly event for them!


1. I don’t have enough equipment to cater for 4 people camping and provide water proof clothing for them all. Which means I obviously need to buy more gear 🙂

2. If you go camping with ‘young adults’ expect lots of “I don’t know how to do it” or “I cant do it” or just simply “no, I aint doing it”.

3. Its a very long drive to the lakes!

4. Don’t share a tent with Aaron. He snores, wriggles, and snorts in his sleep.

but a blinding time had. 🙂

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