Week 2 – The Run

So the goal for today was to get round Brockwell Park – a 4k route – without stopping. This would be no small feet as I only started running again 2 weeks ago!

Scoot joined me again today and we set off at a good pace as Scoot’s natural speed is slightly faster than mine, but this I think is good. All was going well, both body and lungs, until about a third of the way round the park Scoot managed to kick a tree root and he took a tumble. We stopped for about a minute whilst he picked himself up then I continued on alone as Scoot sensibly decided to walk a while.

I was a shocked when he caught up with me at the half way point! Alas from here on its pretty much all up hill and his exertions to catch me up took their toll and he dropped back. Alas half way up the hill I too had to stop for a breather. I have set myself a walk time of 30 seconds if I do stop before carrying on, and I am happy to say that I then managed to plough on to the finish without another stop.

Time: 23 minutes 50 seconds – 40 seconds faster than last week. From now on its 2 laps (8k) with no stops on lap one and 30 seconds recovery breaks (as many as required) whilst I push on round lap two. I have 12 weeks till the Great south run where I need to be running 16k and I’ll be running with Graham – who is much fitter than I!


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