how long should a cold last??

damn it, its been almost two weeks now! I’m getting very bored with coughing and blowing my nose. very.

Went climbing for the first time in AGES today. Well, I went to the climbing wall. During the hour that we where there for you could hardly class what we did as climbing. More, fumbling up walls if such a thing is possible – it certainly to my mind more accurately describes what we did. Still, it was fun and after a 4 month break it was good to get back into it. Now we just have to start going more often! we’ll see.

It suddenly occurs to me that I am supposed to be running this weekend as next weekend is the first of the 6 10k’s that I’ve signed up for. hmmm, this could be painful. I don’t think running with a cold is a particularly good idea, yet I am determined to do the run next week. perhaps I’ll put in some practice runs during the week. and then again, perhaps not. we’ll see.

I went to see the band ‘dolls house’ the other night and well, to be honest, not really my thing. All in all is was a good night out as it involved kev and Jay and beer. You couldn’t ask for much more really., but for the music: it was way too loud for one, and I just felt way too old! The band that was on after them wasn’t too bad though so that was good. I have some pictures on my phone and when I can be bothered I’ll add a few on.

(and here they are….)

this is Dolls House on stage..

and this is Jay telling kev how much he cares..

Talking of pictures – I’ve finally put my ones from Peru on line along with all the ones from Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar – check out and be prepared to be bored to death. I’m not very creative when it comes to taking photos!

No other breaking news of any significance so I’ll leave you there.

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